Stingray BBQ – 7 in 1 BBQ multitool
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The Stingray BBQ is a dishwasher safe Spatula, Tong, Toothed tong, Fork, Launch Control, Bottle opener which sits up when put down, to prevent the kitchen from getting dirty, and can be locked to be put away safely. All in 1 product.

The Stingray BBQ is the only BBQ multitool available on the market that has this many (7) relevant functionalities combined in one product. Being able to mix these functionalities, without the need to change the tool in your hand, makes barbecuing even more enjoyable.

The Stingray BBQ is a unique wannahave for the BBQ, but at the same time is a cost and space effective alternative to buying and storing all the tools separately.

Being sold in a nice gift box, the Stingray BBQ also makes a good gift.

When you use the Stingray BBQ, you simply lift a hamburger with the spatula (1), flip a tuna steak with the tong (2), grab a sausage with the toothed tong (3), pierce a vegetable with the fork (4), and gently release it from the fork with the help of the ‘launch control’ (5). The launch control is activated by gently closing the Stingray BBQ when there is food on the fork. The spatula will gently push the food from the fork, preventing the food from being launched. When you put the Stingray BBQ on the table, the curved spatula makes sure that it will sit up (6) to prevent the table from getting dirty.

All this can be done with one hand, leaving the other hand available to hold a plate or a drink. To also be able to open a drink without the need to change tools, a bottle opener (7) is integrated in the lower handle.

After you are done barbecuing, put it in the dishwasher to clean it, lock it and store it.

The Stingray BBQ is designed to be your helper while barbecuing. For cooking in the pan, we have the kitchen version on offer.

The Stingray is made from stainless steel. Rubber pads are added to the handles to provide a better grip.