Pelican – Multifunctional Cutting Board
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The Pelican is thé cutting board with add-ons to make working with a cutting board more easy and more enjoyable.

The Pelican is a unique wannahave in the kitchen but at the same time a cost and space effective alternative to buying and storing the functionalities separately.

When designing the product, the designers have not only focused on offering extra functionalities coming from the add-ons. They have also looked at ways to make the cutting board even more attractive to own and use. Apart from offering extra functionalities, this a.o. has resulted in the product not only to be Food Safe and BPA Free but also to be made from Antimicrobial* material. This makes sure that the product is not harmful to the users’ health when it leaves the factory, but also makes sure that no harmful bacteria, fungi or viruses can grow on the product. Thus, making it a more safe product.

When compared to products on the market that offer similar functionalities, the main advantage of the Pelican lies in the fact that the cutting board does not require to be folded to use the extra features like rinsing and adding to pan or plate. The absence of the need for folding and therewith folding lines ensures a smooth cutting surface, and eliminates the risk of these folding lines to break/tear over time.

*The antimicrobial material of the board (throughout material) ensures that no micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi can grow on the board or in the grooves caused by cutting.

The cutting board has clickable add-ons that can be clicked on and off for easy storage and easy use. Besides that, the add-ons can be positioned to accommodate both right- and left-handed users. Thanks to the add-ons the cut food will no longer fall off the board.

Next to being a traditional cutting board, you can slide cut food into the corner of the board where it is held for storage. The add-ons are perforated, therewith creating the option to rinse food before or after cutting it. When the food is ready to cook or eat, it can e.g. easily be distributed into a pan or onto a plate. The product can be used for cutting meat, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables.

The Pelican has non-slip feet for extra comfort and stability and is dishwasher safe.


  1. Cut food will no longer fall off the board thanks to add-ons in corner
  2. Cut food can be rinsed directly without the need for a separate colander
  3. Cut/rinsed food can be added to pot or plate directly without the need of a separate bowl
  4. Add-ons can easily be clicked on and off for use and storage
  5. Product is made from antimicrobial (throughout material) Polypropylene
  6. BPA free
  7. Non-slip feet
  8. Suited for both right- and left-handed users

Board: 25CMx35CM/10”x14“,
Add-ons: 21CMx15CM + 18CMx15CM/8.5”x6.0” + 7.0”x6.0”