What do we do?

We make smart novelty products available to the consumer that make everyday life easier by saving time, space, energy and, most of the time, also money. We do this by creating and designing products that combine functionalities in such a way that it results in an innovative and unique product, where the sum is bigger than the parts. We do this by creating products that offer functionalities that have not been offered before. We do this by offering a new spin on an old concept that makes it more widely available or easier to actually use.

How do we come to our inventions?

We travel, and have traveled, the world. During our travels we get inspired by the different countries, habits and cultures. Next to this, we get alarmed when a product we think must already be available, is not available at all. When we get alarmed, we get creative and work tirelessly to come up with a practical and elegant solution to the problem we have experienced ourselves.

The Stingray BBQ is invented while needing two hands to juggle separate BBQ-tools, leaving no room to hold a plate or drink. That same day we had trouble getting sausages off the fork with the one hand holding the plate and the other hand holding the fork the sausages were pinned on. Result: sausages on the ground, not on the plate. To prevent this from happening again, we invented a BBQ-tool that offers many relevant functions to be used with one hand and have added the ‘launch control’ function to gently slide off food of the fork. That was the start of the ‘one-hand-BBQing-movement’ and no more food on the ground.


One day we experienced that it is hard to control how much of the fluid in a saucy dish or soup actually gets strained while using a spoon or colander. We wanted to have more control: keep the flavor, control the fluids. Next to this we experienced that the classic pasta serving tong could be improved, but also that it could be used for more than only scooping up pasta. As a result we invented the Barracuda. The Barracuda allows you to answer the ‘how much to strain or not to strain’ question and gives you more control over what and how much you grab or scoop up from the pan.

Repeatedly hurting ourselves to hot radiators, ovens and faucets led to the thought that not being alerted was the main reason behind touching a hot radiator, oven or getting hot water (from the previous user) on our hands. This thought led to the invention of Burn Alert. Burn Alert alerts you that the radiator/oven/faucet is hot by turning red at a temperature of 104F/40C. A very simple solution to a painful problem.


Where are we going?

We will keep traveling the world, get alarmed as often as possible and convert our ideas into smart and useful products that are actually used by the consumer. Preferably on a daily basis for years to come.